Many individuals in Oregon and across the nation may use credit cards for a variety of reasons each day. While at the time, the rewards involved in using a credit card may seem enticing, keeping up with monthly payments could become difficult as balances continue to rise. For individuals who struggle due to significant amounts of credit card debt, knowing the steps to take to help reduce or eliminate debts could be essential to protecting their finances.

There may be numerous ways to approach credit card debt, one of which involves a balance transfer. Transferring a balance to a new account with a period free of interest could help ensure that payments go directly toward the principal. One could also consider setting up automatic payments to prevent late fees, as one late payment could cause interest rates on accounts to increase significantly.

When seeking to eliminate credit card debts, a person could also find it helpful to consider making more than one payment each month. Financial experts also suggest that focusing on paying off accounts with smaller balances first may also be advisable. Those who are experiencing severe financial concerns may also find it helpful to consider forming a budget and cutting down on unnecessary expenses.

Individuals who experience monetary struggles due to high amounts of credit card debt may wish to pursue relief, but they may be uncertain where to turn for guidance. Those in need of assistance could consult with a bankruptcy attorney for advice on the outlets available. An attorney can help a client in Oregon form a strategy to reduce or eliminate credit card debts and get his or her finances back on track.

Source:, “6 Tricks to Kick Credit Card Debt Quicker“, Claire Tsosie, March 16, 2018