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November 2014 Archives

Study shows medical debt is a leading cause of bankruptcies

As most readers throughout Eugene, and the surrounding areas, are aware, the cost of health care can be high in the U.S. For both the uninsured, and the insured, this can mean that a serious injury or illness can result in physical challenges during the treatment and recovery process, as well as in financial challenges for people, and their families. A study conducted by NerdWallet Health found that many people throughout the country are struggling with medical debt, making it one of the leading causes of U.S. bankruptcy filings.

Major banks refusing to erase debt after bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy, particularly Chapter 7, is supposed to give a person a fresh start to recover from financial challenges and to rebuild credit. Unfortunately for some people in Oregon and across the country, a bankruptcy discharge was not the end of their credit troubles.

An overview on vehicle repossession

It can be frustrating to face the possible repossession of a vehicle on top of other financial difficulties. Your car is most likely your main means of travel to your job, shopping and other places. Without it, your challenges would become even worse. At The Law Office of Kim Covington, we realize the threat of repossession can place a great strain on families in Oregon.

How debt is taken care of after the death of a relative

The period of time after the death of a loved one is heartbreaking and challenging enough without having to deal with harassment by debt collectors. Many Oregon residents may wonder what happens to debt after the death of a parent, child, spouse or other relative. Does the debt pass on to the next available relative, who is then required to pay it off?

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