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August 2014 Archives

Zombie foreclosures continue to plague former homeowners

Zombies exist in the world outside television and movies, but not in a way that most people would expect. Unfortunately, thousands of families across the country, including in Oregon, are dealing with a financial plague that can be more devastating and subtle than an outbreak of the undead.

Can Oregon's idea fix the student loan crisis?

Financial problems continue to plague many Americans, and student loans are by no means at the bottom of the list. According to Business Week, the amount of student debt owed throughout the U.S. was well over $1 trillion in 2013. Unfortunately, federal student loans can be difficult, if not impossible, for most people to discharge through personal bankruptcy. A bill that passed Oregon’s legislature aims to confront the problem of student loan debt that has crippled countless families.

Oregon residents facing foreclosure may decide to hold onto property

While the worst of the Great Recession has passed over most of the U.S., many communities and even entire states continue to be affected by high unemployment rates, home and vehicle repossession and other difficulties. California, Florida and Nevada, for instance, are particularly suffering from high foreclosure rates. The good news is that Oregon is doing much better in comparison, although many Oregon residents may still need additional help with ongoing financial problems by filing for bankruptcy or speaking with credit counselors.

Debt collectors pursue one-third of population

While what is termed as the Great Recession of a few years ago is reportedly gone, that does not mean that financial challenges have completely vanished. Many an Oregon resident continues to struggle to wipe out credit card debt or consider bankruptcy as a means to get a fresh financial start. Consumers will always need to balance income with expenses and factors like unemployment, divorce and unexpected medical costs can make that difficult.

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