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Social security benefits and garnishment

A person who has fallen behind on debt repayment may be subject to garnishment if a creditor receives a judgment from the court. This money may be taken directly from the debtor’s paycheck, or from his or her bank account. However, for those who receive Social Security benefits, there are specific conditions regarding which creditors or agencies can garnish money from their accounts, and how.

What are limitations of an automatic stay?

In Oregon, falling behind on payments because of an illness or income loss is often the first step in a downward spiral that leads to overwhelming debt. If you decide you need a fresh financial start, Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be a viable solution for you because of the protection it provides from creditors through the automatic stay. This is a court order that prevents creditors from attempting to collect debts or property that have been included in your bankruptcy.

A trustee’s role in your chapter 13 bankruptcy

If you are filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you may have learned that the court will be appointing a trustee to your case. The name of your trustee will be included in the notice you receive from the court on the meeting of creditors. At the Law Office of Kim Covington, we are aware that knowing the job duties of a trustee can help you understand more about the processes of your bankruptcy.

Filial responsibility can lead to nursing home debt

Oregon is one of many states in the country that has a law regarding filial responsibility. According to Oregon state law, responsibility for medical expenses incurred by a parent is placed on the adult child if the parent is unable to pay them. Medicaid covers many of the costs relating to long-term care when a person is unable to pay. However, if there is still a substantial unpaid sum, the nursing home or a collection agency has the right to contact a son or daughter to make an attempt to collect on those bills.

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