While news stories in all various media report on the growing rebound of our nation’s economy, many Oregonians and their counterparts in other states continue to struggle financially. Loss of employment, divorce and medical expenses are just some of the top concerns that leave people still looking for help to what can feel like unmanageable debt and situations.

It is not only a select few who face ongoing hospital bills or costs for doctors and other healthcare. Close to 28 percent of Americans are said to be truly burdened by the level of medical debt that they currently have. This is according to a recent survey conducted by the National Center for Health Statistics. The survey leveraged data from the CDC and found that the citizens most burdened are those families with minor children still at home. For that segment, 36 percent are weighted down by high out-of-pocket medical expenses. That compares to 25 percent for people without minor children.

The information also shows that close to nine percent of people are unable to pay some of their medical bills, 16.5 percent have reported a problem paying some medical bills in the past year and another 21.4 percent are working to pay such bills in installment plans over a course of some time.

If you are one of the 28 percent of people facing high medical costs and debt elimination is your need, it can be helpful to talk with an attorney about your options. Finding ways to ease your burden and realize true debt relief can give you a welcome fresh start.

Source: Tech Times, “Medical bills are killing American families: Study,” Anu Passary, January 30, 2014