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Eugene Medical Bill Debt Lawyer

Tens of millions of Americans cannot afford to pay for a medical emergency, including people who have health insurance. Unexpected, uncovered medical expenses lead many families into financial crisis each year.

If you are in debt because of medical bills, your creditors may be pursuing you aggressively for payment. You may be receiving frequent phone calls and letters that cause stress for you and your family. You may be wondering if bankruptcy is an appropriate solution to the problem.

Get Relief From Medical Debt

From a debt relief standpoint, the best thing about medical bills is that they represent unsecured debt, just like credit card debt. This means that hospitals and other medical creditors cannot take your property if you are unable to pay them. In reality, your medical debt can be dealt with easily through bankruptcy if you qualify.

As a lawyer who concentrates on helping people overcome debt through bankruptcy, I can evaluate your debt situation to determine whether bankruptcy is in your best interest. If it is, I can help you:

  • Get protection from collections calls, letters and lawsuits through an automatic stay, a court order that tells your creditors to stop all collection activities
  • Get your medical debt discharged through Chapter 7 or, if you need to keep a home, vehicle or other asset, through Chapter 13
  • Address other debts that are causing stress
  • Get a fresh start

Bankruptcy is not right for everyone. Other debt relief options may be available to you.

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