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Eugene Wage Garnishment Lawyer

If you are already experiencing financial difficulties, the last thing you need is to have your paycheck or bank account garnished by creditors. Garnishment can feel like a violation of your privacy, and it can cause serious hardship when it comes to paying your most important bills.

Wage and bank garnishment (sometimes called a bank levy when a government agency is involved) can happen to you if you owe money to a private creditor or a government creditor like the IRS. Private creditors can go to court to seek a judgment against you and then take a percentage of your pay, while tax authorities can garnish your wages or take money from your bank account without going to court. In many cases, these problems can be addressed decisively with the help of a bankruptcy lawyer.

Is Your Paycheck Or Bank Account Being Garnished?

If your wages or accounts are being garnished, you can stop the garnishment and deal with the underlying debts, once and for all, through bankruptcy. As an experienced bankruptcy attorney with compassion and extensive experience in the field, I can help you put an end to garnishment or levies from:

  • Credit card companies
  • Medical providers like hospitals and doctors’ office
  • The IRS or the state of Oregon, which can take a significant chunk of money from you, without going to court, if you owe back taxes

Every situation is different, and bankruptcy is not appropriate for everyone. As an experienced bankruptcy lawyer, I can help you understand your options and develop a plan to help you improve your situation.

Contact A Roseburg Bankruptcy Attorney | Free Consultation And Flexible Hours

Contact me, Kim Covington, to schedule a free consultation with a Eugene wage garnishment attorney. Call 541-393-2790 or 800-673-1891. I offer flexible evening and weekend hours, by appointment, in the Eugene, Oregon, area.

I offer affordable rates. Since it is important for you to understand what bankruptcy will cost you, I can clearly explain these rates during your initial consultation. To make things as easy as possible, payment plans are available.

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The Law Office of Kim Covington is a debt relief agency, and I have helped families, individuals and small businesses, file for bankruptcy relief under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code, for over 22 years.