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Eugene Business Bankruptcy Lawyer

Small businesses are as susceptible to financial difficulties as consumers are. Problematic business debt can be just as stressful and frightening as personal or family debt.

Millions of small businesses struggle to stay alive in good markets and bad. Many family operations and community-based businesses in Oregon find themselves in debt because of revenue losses, unpaid taxes and other problems related to the economy. In some cases, bankruptcy can be a useful tool to keep a business running. Often, a small-business owner must take out personal loans or second mortgages to obtain credit for the business operations.

Debt Relief Through Chapter 13 For Eugene Area Businesses

At The Law Office of Kim Covington, I help small businesses obtain debt relief through bankruptcy. This relief often involves stopping creditor harassment, establishing workable debt repayment plans and regaining a sense of hope through Chapter 13 reorganization. I may be able to help you if your situation involves:

  • Unpaid payroll taxes
  • Unpaid quarterly taxes, including those that may have gone unfiled for years
  • Credit lines or other unsecured loans
  • Debt on real property, equipment and inventory

Bankruptcy is not right for every business. As an experienced bankruptcy lawyer, I can review your assets and debts, answer your questions and help you weigh the costs and benefits of filing Chapter 13.

Contact An Experienced Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney | Free Consultation

To learn how my experience and command of bankruptcy law can benefit you, I invite you to arrange a no-obligation, confidential consultation. Call 541-393-2790 or 800-673-1891 or contact me online. I offer affordable rates and flexible evening and weekend hours, by appointment, in the Eugene, Oregon, area.