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Eugene Tax Debt Attorney

Tax debt is different from other types of debt. While much consumer debt (such as credit card debt) is owed to banks and other lenders, tax debt belongs to government agencies, and it can be collected under different rules by agencies like the IRS. Some of these agencies are aggressive in their collection methods, which can include wage and bank garnishment.

In some cases, tax debt can be dealt with in bankruptcy or it can be made much easier to pay off when other debts are done away with. In other cases, favorable arrangements can be negotiated directly with tax authorities.

Solutions To Tax Problems

If you and your family are under stress because of tax debt or other debt, I can help you understand your options for resolving the problem. Through bankruptcy, you may be able to:

  • Discharge tax debt and/or other debt in Chapter 7 bankruptcy
  • Repay tax debt over time through a Chapter 13 payment plan
  • Stop levies and garnishment, as well as foreclosure and vehicle repossession
  • Address unsecured and secured debts of all kinds

Every situation is different, so seek the advice of a lawyer if you think bankruptcy might be right for you.

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