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Chapter 13 * cases starting at $750 down which includes the filing fees and then hourly work will be billed
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Put An End To Creditor Harassment

The constant stream of letters in the mail, calls at home and work, and mounting debt can impact every aspect of your life. Debt collectors can be relentless in trying to squeeze payments out of you that you can no longer afford. At The Law Office of Kim Covington in Eugene, Oregon, I understand the stress you are under. For that reason, I offer a sensitive and personalized approach to helping clients obtain a fresh financial start under the Bankruptcy Code.

Bankruptcy Can Help Stop Collectors From Calling You

One of the primary benefits of filing for bankruptcy is the immediate protection of the bankruptcy court. Filing a petition triggers an automatic stay. Direct lenders, debt collection agencies and lawsuits seeking payment for past-due bills are generally halted automatically under the stay. Some exceptions exist — I will explain how the law can help you.

In the real world, notice of the bankruptcy may take a little time. However, it is unlawful for creditors and bill collectors to continue any efforts to seek payment for outstanding debts after the bankruptcy process has been initiated. As soon as you file for bankruptcy relief, the law will protect you from creditor harassment.

Filing for bankruptcy has many direct benefits while you seek your debt-free future, including:

  • Stopping foreclosure proceedings: Falling behind on mortgage payments and facing foreclosure is always disconcerting. However, you may be able to save your home from foreclosure, if you act quickly. If foreclosure is imminent, I will work with you to expedite the paperwork to conduct an emergency bankruptcy filing to gain the protection of the bankruptcy court as soon as possible.
  • Halting the repossession process: If you act before your vehicle is repossessed, filing for bankruptcy may be able to help you save your car from repossession.
  • Stopping wage garnishments: Wage garnishments can create additional strife for hardworking people in Oregon. If a creditor is threatening garnishment or is already garnishing your wages for a debt other than spousal support or child support, bankruptcy may be the best option for you.
  • Putting an end to debt collector harassment: As a creditor harassment lawyer in Eugene, I can explain how the bankruptcy process may put a halt to the endless stream of calls, letters and other efforts to collect on debts.

Stop The Harassment With One Phone Call

For help stopping the calls and collection efforts, call 541-393-2790 to speak with an experienced bankruptcy attorney. You may also request a confidential, free consultation by sending me a short message online.

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The Law Office of Kim Covington, is a woman owned debt relief agency, and I have helped families, individuals and small businesses, file for bankruptcy relief under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code, for over 24 years.