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Eugene Repossession Lawyer

The repossession of a vehicle can cause major hardship for a family or an individual in the short term: Without your car or truck, it can be difficult to get to work and take care of your family responsibilities. In the longer term, a car-loan creditor can seek a judgment against you for whatever debt is left over after it sells the vehicle — and then it can harass you and even garnish your wages in its attempt to collect.

Car loan and vehicle repossession companies can be ruthless in their collection and repossession methods. In many cases, however, bankruptcy can be used not only to stop creditor harassment, but to stop vehicle repossession. Chapter 13 bankruptcy can be a particularly powerful tool in obtaining relief from vehicle loan debt. Alternatively, some consumers find that they can keep up with their vehicle payments after they have discharged credit card or medical debt through Chapter 7.

Are You Afraid Of Losing Your Car Or Truck?

If you are behind on your vehicle payments, you may be worried about repossession, or you may have been threatened with the loss of your car or truck. I may be able to help you by leveraging powerful federal bankruptcy protections.

If bankruptcy is right for you, it can be used to:

  • Prevent your vehicle from being repossessed
  • Prevent your creditors from contacting you
  • “Cram down” or “strip down” the debt on your vehicle to correspond to its present value
  • Set up a payment plan that will get you caught up on arrears

Your debt situation is unique and should be evaluated by an experienced bankruptcy lawyer if you are considering bankruptcy. You may have numerous options for improving your financial situation.

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Contact me, Kim Covington, to schedule a free consultation with a Eugene repossession prevention attorney. Call 541-393-2790 or 800-673-1891. I can answer your questions about car loans, bankruptcy and debt relief. I offer flexible evening and weekend hours, by appointment, in the Eugene, Oregon, area.

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The Law Office of Kim Covington is a debt relief agency, and I have helped families, individuals and small businesses, file for bankruptcy relief under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code, for over 22 years.