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2014 targeted as year to pay off credit cards for many Americans

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2014 | Credit Card Debt

Oregonians, like their counterparts in other states, have felt the financial challenges of the recent years. While our nation continues to struggle to recover from the latest recession, individual citizens remain committed to repairing their financial health as well. For some people, concerns about credit card debt are at the top of their list for what areas they wish to focus on in this New Year.

A recent survey of Americans indicates that close to half of all people in the country believe that they have too much consumer debt on credit cards. Those respondents state that in 2014 one goal is to pay off their credit card debt as a way to reducing their overall financial challenges. An article that reported on this situation suggested some ways that credit card use can be managed to prevent delinquent payments, credit harassment and more.

Three of the top recommendations including paying a card balance each time in full instead of only minimum payments. This will avoid the payment of any interest, saving valuable dollars. Being mindful about the limits on cards and never going over those limits is also critical. Making any payments on time also has a direct effect on credit scores and should be one of the primary goals of any credit card user.

For people who truly cannot get out from under their mound of credit card debt, considering a bankruptcy may be needed and can offer the relief that gets them back on track. Other means of working with creditors to identify acceptable payment plans or solutions are also available. Talking with an attorney who works in this area may be a good way for consumers to find the solution that is best for them.

Source: News 22, “Taking control of your credit card debt; Most feel its very important to pay debt off,” Georgie Godfrey, January 14, 2014


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