When a company ends up with debts that they are unable to pay, they may choose the option of filing for bankruptcy. Although filing for bankruptcy in Oregon may cause the company to close, it could provide relief from debt and stop creditors from pursuing the company for money owed to them. Bankruptcy can also give a corporation a chance to shed some extra debts and get back to a profitable situation.

A solar energy company may be looking at bankruptcy as a possible solution to help overcome its recent financial setbacks. The solar energy industry in the United States is a tough one in which to be successful, and signs indicate the foreign-owned company is struggling. Every year it loses hundreds of millions of dollars and it has reduced its staff at its Oregon plant down by several hundred employees.

While the company has made no public statement concerning future actions, analysts feel bankruptcy may be in its near future. This is not necessarily a negative move. Many companies successfully use bankruptcy as a helpful tool to restructure their management and to streamline their efforts while still operating at a minimum capacity.

When a company closes its doors permanently, those who invested in the company may come looking for ways to get their money back. Bankruptcy laws are set up as a way to protect both the flailing company and those who gave them money when the company was started. When any small company is facing crushing debt and possible bankruptcy, it may be a good idea to speak to an attorney about the best way to get through the process.

Source: Heartlander, “SolarWorld lays off Oregon workers, bankruptcy may follow,” Karen Dove, April 9, 2013