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Why disability and divorce can cause high credit card debt

On Behalf of | May 22, 2024 | Credit Card Debt

Credit card debt is a burden for many individuals and families. Various life circumstances can make it challenging for people to manage finances. They may rely on credit cards to cover necessary expenses.

Understanding how specific factors contribute to credit card debt can help you find ways to mitigate their impact. For example, if you plan on filing for bankruptcy to make a fresh start, you might want to avoid similar mistakes post-bankruptcy.


Living with a disability often comes with expenses, such as specialized equipment, home modifications and ongoing medical care. These costs, coupled with potential limitations on earning capacity, can make it difficult to manage finances. Credit cards may become a necessary tool to cover these additional expenses, leading to increased debt.

Divorce or separation

Divorce or separation can lead to significant financial strain. When a household splits, the expenses often double. Each person now has to cover housing, utilities and other living costs on their own.

A job loss or a work injury

Losing a job or suffering a work injury can cause a sudden and severe drop in income. Without a steady paycheck, many people turn to credit cards to cover their basic living expenses, such as groceries, bills and rent. Medical costs related to a work injury can also accumulate quickly.

Business problems related to the economy

Economic downturns can negatively impact businesses, leading to reduced income or even closure. Business owners and employees alike may find themselves struggling to make ends meet. To cope with the shortfall, individuals often use credit cards to pay for everyday expenses and to keep their businesses afloat.

Medical bills or expensive medications

Medical bills and the cost of expensive medications can quickly overwhelm even the most prepared individuals. Health insurance does not always cover all expenses, and out-of-pocket costs can be substantial.

Single parenthood

Single parents face the challenge of managing all household expenses on a single income. The costs of childcare, education and daily living can be overwhelming. Without the support of additional income, single parents may rely on credit cards to cover these costs.

Mortgage problems

In Springfield, median housing costs for owners with a mortgage are $1,558. Struggling to keep up with mortgage payments can cause significant financial stress. When homeowners face the risk of foreclosure or cannot refinance their homes, they might use credit cards to cover their mortgage or other living expenses.

Recognizing the root causes can help people take proactive steps to manage their finances.

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