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Why is everything so expensive?

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2023 | Bankruptcy

Everywhere you look, costs are increasing. It costs more to buy a house now than it did five years ago. It even costs more to go out to dinner. A lot of people are having to try to budget a bit more strictly than they did, refraining from spending in every way that they can.

But why is everything getting so expensive? Why is there this sudden financial pressure? The answer is complex.

Multiple factors

The truth is that there are a lot of different factors. The events of the last few years caused supply chain issues. This was a large reason for the first increase in costs. When there’s more demand than supply, prices go up.

Additionally, inflation has been rising at a high rate in most of the world, including the United States. Even common goods are starting to cost more. It may cost you twice as much to buy a gallon of milk, for instance. On its own, one little cost like this may not make much difference to your budget. But when everything doubles in price, that makes a serious difference.

Finally, gas has been getting more expensive, in large part because of the war in Ukraine. This has caused there to be a lot of other costs that are related. For instance, if the cost of gas needed to transport goods from one location to the next increases, retailers will increase the price of those goods to cover it. This means you’re paying more for things because of transportation costs.

All of this works together to mean that people are facing unprecedented levels of financial stress. This can lead to numerous bankruptcy cases. Those who are considering bankruptcy need to know about the legal steps they should take and the options they have.

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