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Do you know these strategies for handling medical debt?

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2021 | Medical Debt

A serious health complication resulted in substantial bills when you received treatment at an Oregon medical facility. Where do you begin to dig yourself out of a financial quagmire?

U.S. News & World Report offers strategies for paying health care bills. See if they help alleviate your financial burden.

Check the hospital’s status

Did you receive care at a nonprofit hospital? If so, the law requires such facilities to offer financially disadvantaged patients assistance. To determine whether you qualify, you must show proof of your income, which may help reduce or wipe out your bill entirely. Even if you received treatment at a for-profit facility, it may still offer patients financial help, so do some research.

Bargain your way to a reduced bill

If you have health insurance and your provider did not cover your expenses, contact the hospital to see if you may receive the insurance rate for your bill. Reaching out to the facility’s billing office to explain your financial situation may help make your bill more manageable. Offer to pay in cash to see if that reduces your expenses, or request an interest-free payment plan to break your bill down into smaller bites.

Look over your bill

Carefully scan your bill for mistakes such as unanticipated fees and double-billing. You may request an itemized bill if you did not receive one already. You may also ask that the medical facility place a 30-day hold on your account while reviewing your bill and making calls to the appropriate parties, such as your insurance provider.

You have options for potentially reducing your medical debt. Educate yourself on your rights to pave the way to financial peace of mind.


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