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Why is January 19 the most depressing day? Blame your debt

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2019 | Bankruptcy

It is a day in January that has been calculated to be so depressing, it not only has been designated as the most depressing day of the year, but it has its own name. It is known as Blue Monday. That day this year falls on Monday, January 19.

If you are wondering how such a thing can be calculated, while it may not be the most scientific, there is a formula to it. The formula considers these factors:

  • Weather – Except for a few areas of the country, this time in January usually experiences bad weather.
  • Motivation – Many people are on the go and attending festive activities from October through the new year, but after a couple of weeks in January, reality of day-to-day doldrums set-in. 
  • Resolution failure – It is around mid-January when resolutions you may have made have either already fallen off your radar or you realize they are too hard to accomplish.
  • Debt – All that fun you had the last couple of months attending parties, buying presents and enjoying overall holiday cheer is now come back to haunt you in the form of credit card bills and maybe even shopper’s remorse. 

Debt is the major cause of Blue Monday

While the weather might be bad and your resolution to exercise more may not have held up, if you are experiencing a depressing January, it is most likely because you are dealing with debt. You may know if you are a victim of Blue Monday if you exhibit any of these actions.

Not knowing what you owe

Has the debt grown so much you are refusing to look at the balances so it does not ruin your day even more than you already feel?

Bills are getting paid late

If you are not making payments because you do not have enough money, there is a good chance you should not have put yourself in debt in the first place. If you are not making a payment because the credit card minimum is too high, then you may need to look at other financial solutions.

Hiding from debt collectors

Has the phone been ringing and you do not answer because you know who is calling? You may be able to ignore the calls for a little while but soon you may be sued or have your wages garnished to take care of your outstanding debt.

You borrowed money or drained your savings

Once you begin to go to other sources you once believed you would never need to access to pay bills, you may be in over your head with debt.

Sleep, work performance and relationships suffer

Debt can feel like it is with you every second of the day. If debt is the reason you worry constantly about spending money, makes you fall behind at work or causes you toss and turn at night, then you should do something about your situation right away to take the stress out of your life.

If any of the above situations seem familiar to you, then bankruptcy may be a solution you should consider. Bankruptcy has been known to be a viable and effective solution to overwhelming debt and a way to get you back in financial shape.

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