Having a credit card is a big responsibility. Seemingly limitless money can be dangerous and it’s easy to dig yourself into a financial hole.

Good credit can help you in the long run, should you want to apply for a loan or mortgage a house. But if you are reckless with your spending, your credit will not help you in the future.

However, there are different ways you can start to rebuild your credit should you get yourself in a bad financial position. Here are a few ways you can get back on your feet and work to repair your credit.

See what youre up against

Seeing where your credit stands is a good first step in rebuilding it. You can get a free credit report from a few different online services. When you see your credit score you can also check to make sure there aren’t any inaccuracies.

Check your patterns

You can also see what bad habits you may have. This is a good way to work on improving your credit score in the future because you can start to learn from your mistakes. See what patterns you may have developed that aren’t financially smart.

Start small

A smart way to start rebuilding your credit is to keep your credit card balance low and repay it in full each month. For example, start using your credit card for only small transitions such as filling your car with gas. This will ensure that your balance stays low month-to-month so you can pay it off completely each time.

Paying your bill in full each month will help raise your credit score.

Limit yourself

If you are the primary holder on your credit card, you can set up a limit for your spending. This can help you keep a budget and make sure you have the finances to keep up with your bills. Keeping a stricter limit can help you get your finances in check.

Credit card debt and facing your credit score can seem daunting but there is always hope. Start rebuilding your credit sooner rather than later to get back on track.