Making the decision to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Oregon can relieve a lot of the financial strain that you may have been facing due to overwhelming debt. Once begun, there are many steps in the process, including a 341(a) meeting. You can expect this to take place roughly 21 to 40 days after you file, and the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Oregon explains that it is absolutely necessary for you to attend to prevent your case from being dismissed.

Rather than being conducted by a judge, the hearing will be overseen by a trustee. Because this person will be the one administering your estate, he or she may ask you a number of questions regarding your circumstances, including factors such as your:

  •          Conduct
  •          Property
  •          Finances
  •          Liabilities

Everything that you say in the meeting is under oath, so if you answer any questions dishonestly, you may be found guilty of perjury. If your answers satisfy the trustee, the session may only last a few minutes.

You and the trustee may not be the only people present. Your creditors will receive a notice of the meeting, and they have the right to put in an appearance and ask you questions about your case, too. However, their rights are not affected by whether or not they show up. Even though the hearing is often called a “meeting of creditors,” they frequently decline to attend. This general information about 341(a) meetings is provided for your education, but it is not intended to be legal advice.