When people fall on hard times, as many did during the recent recession, financial challenges often lead to debts that are not easily overcome. The sudden loss of an income or a workplace injury can leave a person with no recourse to pay creditors. Although the country is reportedly moving past the economic crisis, across the nation, states have not recovered equally. Based on data gathered on living expenses and employment, Oregon is number two on the top 10 list for worst places in the United States to make a living.

Employment issues in the state included both workplace safety and employment. Worker fatalities have risen, and incidences of workplace illnesses and injuries are among the highest in the United States, affecting 4.2 workers out of every 100. In addition to many of those employed in the state experiencing unsafe work conditions, unemployment is also high. It is unknown what the exact rate of unemployment is.

Oregon exceeds the national average cost of living index by almost 30 percent, while the average worker took home $46,850 last year. The estimated state income tax on that amount was $3,981.50. In 2014, Oregon’s ranking in the country was at number 13.

It is conditions such as these that often cause people to consider filing for bankruptcy as a way to deal with medical expenses, credit card debt and reduced income. An Oregon bankruptcy attorney may be able to offer more information about how a Chapter 13 bankruptcy can provide debt relief.

Source: USA Today, “10 worst states in America to make a living in 2015,” Eric McWhinnie, July 5, 2015