It is not a surprise that money problems are stressful. Most people understand that stress can cause health problems. However, some Eugene residents may not understand the scope of the damage that can be caused by the extreme stress that comes from unemployment, insurmountable debt, home or car repossession or any number of serious financial challenges.

In fact, chronic stress can be life-threatening. According to Web MD, money problems are the top cause of stress for Americans today. Stress largely contributes toward such health woes as stomach ulcers, back and neck pain, depression, anxiety and heart problems. It is actually possible to suffer from a heart attack after experiencing stress for an extended period of time.

How can those with debt and money problems avoid the serious physical and emotional consequences of stress? Everyday Health suggests that taking charge of financial problems, no matter how serious they are, can have a positive effect. It can help to understand the situation that is causing a problem, such as unemployment or a divorce. Figuring out how one relates to money, such as eating out too much or therapy shopping in times of stress, can also pinpoint a problem. An extremely effective solution is to create a budget and be diligent in following it. It is also a good idea to seek help when needed from a financial planning advisor, bankruptcy attorney or other financial professional.

Those suffering from financial setbacks don’t need to suffer indefinitely. There are many forms of debt relief available, including bankruptcy options and credit counseling.