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Oregon Democrat introduces legislation to crack down on loans

On Behalf of | May 3, 2013 | Chapter 7

When a person in Oregon does not have the money to purchase the necessary or wanted things for themselves or their family, they may choose to use credit cards to make purchases, or take out high interest loans to meet their obligations. As these loans and cards accrue interest, the debt becomes overwhelming and the person can’t keep up without borrowing more money. Eventually, when the bills pile up and they are looking for ways to get out of debt, they may choose to use bankruptcy as an option to escape harassing creditors and get a fresh financial start.

Payday loan companies escaped the most recent round of legislation that is hoping to regulate how payday loans are given. Big banks that offer similar loans are the focus of new laws being introduced as a way to protect consumers from high interest rates and from borrowing money they can’t afford to repay.


With a payday loan from a bank, a consumer can get an advance on a salary, and the loan is repaid along with a fee by automatic withdrawal from the consumer’s bank account. Federal officials are hoping this new legislation will better regulate how loans are presented and given to consumers through these banks.


While this new legislation may help consumers in the future, those who are already burdened under the weight of overwhelming debt may need to use other options to get out of personal debt. For anyone who is facing financial challenges and overwhelming debt, bankruptcy may be a viable option to help the person get a fresh start for their financial future.

Source: DealBook, “Regulators to restrict big banks’ payday lending,” Jessica Silver-Greenberg, April 23, 2013


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