We all know that our country is plagued by student debt. Many people in Oregon have racked up tens of thousands of dollars in loans that must be paid back. Unfortunately, even when the debt has become too much to bear, these people most often do not have the option of filing for bankruptcy to find relief. However, there may be a solution on the horizon.

Oregon lawmakers on the Senate Education and Workforce Development Committee have approved legislation that would help residents pay for college tuition. The proposal would involve creating a permanent fund by selling bonds. The state treasurer, who thought of the idea, said Oregon needs to prove that it cares about higher education by supporting its students. The bills will now go to the budget committee for approval.

Student debt is a huge burden for so many people, and as education costs continue to rise rapidly, it’s important that lawmakers find a way to ensure that all those who want to are able to seek higher education. Until then, however, students have few options.

One option that may be worth looking into is bankruptcy. Although most people cannot file for bankruptcy because of student loans — nor can they have student loans discharged through bankruptcy — if your debt has become so overwhelming that you are having trouble meeting other financial obligations, bankruptcy may still be a helpful tool. Bankruptcy could wipe out other debts, allowing you to focus on paying off student loans. An experienced attorney can help explain if this is an option that would make sense for you.

Source: Statesman Journal, “Bill would ease burden of student debt,” Laura Fosmire, March 7, 2013