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3 ways to tackle medical debt

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2023 | Medical Debt

After receiving surgery or another type of treatment, many patients dread looking at their medical bill(s). That’s because about 41 percent of American adults owe between $500 and $10,000+ in medical debt. And for some, health insurance isn’t enough since it only covers a fraction of their costs.

Though dealing with medical debt — or any debt — can be overwhelming, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible to handle. If you’re struggling with your medical bills, here are three ways to tackle them:

1. Seek and apply for medical financial assistance

Hospitals in Oregon each offer programs that aid patients in paying their medical bills. Thanks to House Bill 4020 Oregon Legislature passed in 2018, you can print off and apply for financial assistance for any hospital in the state. You may qualify even if your income prevents you from qualifying for other forms of assistance.

2. Crowdsource the money you need

If you have the time and resources, consider creating a charity that raises money toward your bills. Examples include a bake sale, raffle tickets for an event and donation sites like GoFundMe.

3. Inquire about a payment plan

Consider asking your health provider about any payment plans they might offer. Even if you could only contribute a small amount each month, it’s better than ignoring your bill and risking being hounded by creditors.

Medical debt is an obstacle many patients face, but they don’t have to face it alone. If you or a loved one has medical debt that has simply become overwhelming, please reach out for experienced legal guidance to explore bankruptcy and other debt-relief options. You shouldn’t have to bear an unreasonable debt burden because of a health issue.

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