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Stress from overwhelming medical debt can hurt your health

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2020 | Medical Debt

Modern medicine is incredible, but it is also incredibly expensive. You can potentially get cured of cancer that would have been deadly just 20 years ago or receive trauma care that helps you recover from a fracture that left your leg bone in 18 pieces.

Unfortunately, the price tag will reflect the amount of care that you receive. Whether you have had a protracted battle with cancer that has cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in treatment or you needed trauma care and have been off of work for months, the care that saved your life may have also saddled you with debt that has now started to impact your health.

Collection companies quickly add to financial stress

When you struggle to pay your bills because you’ve been sick or because the amount of debt that you have far exceeds your annual income, the stress from your financial situation will have verifiable effects on your health. You may struggle to sleep. You may develop symptoms of anxiety or depression. People even develop severe inflammation because of mental stress.

When a company begins to aggressively pursue you, especially if they use threatening or belittling language in their communications, that can drastically increase how much stress you feel. There can be long-term health implications if you let the stress continue to amp up without doing anything about its root cause.

You deserve a healthy future after fighting for your well-being

Whether you spent months recovering from a surgery and diligently performing physical therapy exercises or let doctors bring you to the brink of death and then back in order to beat an aggressive form of cancer, you have endured hardship that many people never have to experience.

After fighting for your life, you deserve your health and the enjoyment of your future. Financial stress from overwhelming medical debt can rob you of your joy and your physical and mental health. Filing bankruptcy because of extreme medical debt can help put your difficult medical experience and its financial effects behind you.

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