In an effort to attract potential customers, many stores in Oregon or elsewhere may offer a variety of incentives for those who apply for a store branded card. However, while such offers may provide immediate discounts or bonuses, these perks might be offset by high interest rates, which can lead to financial hardships in the future. Credit card debt can place a person under a substantial amount of financial strain, potentially prompting a need to seek advice on the available options for relief.

Although many credit cards carry high interest rates, store branded cards may exceed the norm, with reports suggesting that these lines of credit can carry rates that go beyond 30 percent. However, stores may seek to draw a customer’s attention away from this aspect by offering substantial discounts and limited periods of free interest. While these offers can appear exceedingly attractive, carrying a continual balance on similar lines of credit could prove detrimental.

As the holiday shopping season is in full swing, this could be a significant concern for many. This time of year is fraught with limited time offers, some of which may only be available to those who possess a credit card with the store. However, once the shopping is done and the promotional periods are over, those who have fallen behind on these financial obligations could be facing dire financial straits.

Credit card debts can leave a person facing significant financial hardships, which may in turn lead to a need to seek relief. When facing a similar situation, one could consult with a bankruptcy attorney in Oregon for advice on the available options for relief, as well as their potential outcomes. An attorney can evaluate a client’s situation and assist in pursuing the best outcome possible regarding his or her financial future.

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