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Can filing for bankruptcy improve your well being?

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2023 | Bankruptcy

You may have done your best to manage your finances, but your bills can get out of hand due to additional responsibilities or medical expenses. In turn, you may get into debt to cover some, and now, you may be unable to repay your creditors. If this is your experience, it will help to file for bankruptcy. Besides saving you from debt and potential lawsuits, your well being can improve.

Here is how this can happen.

Spending hours thinking about how you will get out of debt and if you will lose your assets can result in an individual becoming depressed. You may be sad most of the time. This could affect your ability to work or be fully present with your family. Filing for bankruptcy can free you from this, allowing you to relax and spend quality time with loved ones.

Relief from anxiety

Some people who are in debt suffer from anxiety. They get anxious when the phone rings or when they get mail, or when someone is at the door. Being reminded to pay a debt or face unpleasant consequences can make you scared of the future, as you may feel like you have lost control. 

When you file for bankruptcy, you won’t need to worry about debt collectors calling now and then or creditors coming to your house to repossess your assets. 


Filing for bankruptcy can create hope. Since it gives a fresh start, you may have hope for doing it differently this time. And this can significantly improve your mental health.

Debt can lead to stress, depression, anxiety and isolation. Filing for bankruptcy could be good for your overall well being. It will help to get legal guidance to make informed decisions. 

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