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Preparing for bankruptcy: What you need to do

On Behalf of | May 17, 2022 | Bankruptcy

The few weeks or days before filing for bankruptcy are very important. Certain actions within that time can derail the entire bankruptcy process. Therefore, you need to prepare yourself beforehand, both mentally and financially.

Here is what you need to do if you are thinking of declaring bankruptcy.

Watch your spending

Your spending habits in the recent past will come under scrutiny when filing for bankruptcy. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid mistakes like maxing out your credit cards or making luxury purchases with the little you have left. Doing so could be seen in bad faith, and you may have to repay such debts or worse if it amounts to bankruptcy fraud.

Document all your debts

Since not all debts are usually discharged by bankruptcy, you need to ascertain your financial position at the end of it all. Knowing the debts you will be left to deal with will help you plan your finances accordingly. In addition, failing to disclose some debts can result in some undesired effects. Depending on the reasons for non-disclosure, you may have to pay those debts back.

Do not take any new debts either, regardless of the terms.

Complete a credit counseling course

Taking a credit counseling course is compulsory before filing for bankruptcy. This course is meant to determine whether all your options are exhausted and whether bankruptcy is right for you. It is also supposed to equip you with financial management skills useful for life ahead.

Learn more about how everything works

It is advisable to know how bankruptcy works and what you need to do during the entire process. Being aware of everything will help you avoid any surprises. It could also determine how fast and smooth the entire process will be and whether you stand to benefit from it all.


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