After a person has decided that they should file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, there are several steps that they must take afterward. One of the first steps is for the filer to make sure that they have all of the paperwork that is necessary for the filing process.

According to the United States Courts, there are a number of different forms that anyone filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy will need to have. This includes papers such as the B1 Voluntary Petition, B6 Cover Sheet for Schedules, B6 Summary, and B8 Chapter 7 Individual Debtor’s Statement of Intention. There are a vast number of documents available in order to help the filer track their debt and spending as closely as possible, so it is imperative for filers to fill all forms out as thoroughly and accurately as possible.

As stated by the District of Oregon Bankruptcy Court, Chapter 7 bankruptcy also requires the submission of certain documents alongside the required forms. There are some documents that are necessary regardless of the circumstances surrounding the bankruptcy declaration, and independent of which bankruptcy option is selected. These documents include the Statement of Social Security Number, a filing fee or the application for a Waiver of Chapter 7 Filing Fee, and the names and addresses of any creditors that are owed.

Bankruptcy can be complicated, but organizing all paperwork ahead of time will help to streamline the process. It will also help to ensure that nothing will go wrong while the bankruptcy filing is taking place, which is safer and easier for the filer.