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Major credit card companies terminate payment protection services

As a parent, you don’t want your children to inherit your debt. For this reason, some consumers in Eugene, Albany and Corvallis have opted to pay for a protection plan that will pay off the balance of their credit card debt in the event of their death. Most major credit card companies have offered variations of such products—until now.

Ways to prevent repossession of a vehicle in Oregon

When people start to have financial difficulties, their problems often start to snowball out of control. A few missed card payments, for instance, can lead to the repossession of the vehicle which then makes it more difficult to get to and from work. This can lead to the loss of employment and even more financial challenges. Fortunately, there are ways to stop vehicle repossession in Oregon and overcome such problems.

Pay off high APR credit cards first to eliminate debt in Oregon

Many residents of Oregon want to eliminate their debt and find a fresh financial start. Those who have large amounts of debt from student loans, auto loans, credit cards, and other debts, however, feel overwhelmed and have a lot of questions. Is it best to make a small payment to all of different creditors each month, start by paying off the lowest debt first or focus on paying off their credit card debt?

More Americans are making their credit card payments on time

It is no secret that the economy is finally on the mend after several tough years. While this improvement is good news for businesses and families, many people in Oregon and throughout the country are still being cautious with their credit card debt. It seems that people are trying to avoid getting caught with overwhelming debt.

Debt relief company takes almost $1M from Oregon consumers

Debt can be an intimidating thing to face. Some people choose to deal with their financial challenges by working with a debt relief company. As hundreds of people recently discovered, however, not all debt relief companies live up to their promises.

Using a credit card can have positive and negative outcomes

Owning a credit card can be a double edged sword. On the one hand, credit cards are extremely helpful when it comes to building good credit. One the other hand, having one or multiple credit cards in your wallet can tempt you to spend more money than you make. The reality is that many people in Oregon are facing overwhelming credit card debt. If you are tired of being tied down by your debt, there are ways to live without credit cards.

Oregon home repossessions increase as housing market turns

The bad economy of the last decade has left many people in Oregon without enough money to pay their bills. The results of this inability to pay bills may be devastating to the average family in Oregon. A family may lose their home, their vehicles, and many other possessions as the lenders search for ways for them to cover their debt when the money simply isn’t there. Fortunately, the last few months have yielded a small turnaround in the housing market, giving homeowners hope that they will be able to stop creditor harassment and obtain a fresh slate for the future.

Credit card late payments drop to new lows in first of year

As many employers laid off workers and people in Oregon found themselves without jobs, many consumers turned to credit card to help pay the bills and provide food for their family members. Many of these people found how difficult it could be to wipe out credit card debt with a job that paid less and offered fewer hours. As people rely more on credit cards, they face overwhelming debts and an uncertain financial future, and it may seem that there is nowhere to turn when the creditors come calling.

Proposed bill would work to protect the credit of consumers

Consumers in Oregon who face overwhelming debt and are unable to continue making payments may face consequences like creditor harassment, negative reporting to credit bureaus, and wage garnishment. If a person cannot afford to pay debts, bankruptcy offers an option for a fresh financial start. For those who are concerned about their financial future and the effect that their debt will have on their ability to borrow money in the future, a new law may make them more optimistic about the future. 

Market crash may result in loss of land for Oregon man

When a person in Oregon attempts to take out a loan from bank, they may be asked to list an asset as collateral to guarantee that the bank gets their money back. If the loan is not paid on time, the bank may take that asset from the person or garnish the wages of the borrower. The borrower may end up losing their possessions as a result of a debt that is not paid on time, no matter how important or valuable the possession is.

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