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When Time Is Of The Essence

Bankruptcy can be utilized to obtain relief from many forms of debt. Emergency bankruptcy filings are often used when the foreclosure sale of a house is imminent or when another urgent matter presents itself — when time is of the essence.

A Chapter 13 case can stop a foreclosure process or an auto repossession if it is filed in advance of the sale or repossession. Depending on your situation, this bankruptcy chapter can be used to help you keep your home or your vehicle, even if you have missed monthly payments.

Help With Debt-Related Emergencies

If you have been served papers, or if you anticipate a debt-related emergency, I can help you explore your options, which may include an emergency bankruptcy filing. In some cases, an emergency filing can:

  • Stop the sale of your home by a lender
  • Stop vehicle repossession by getting you caught up on payments
  • Stop a wage garnishment or pending garnishment
  • Stop liens from being placed on your property

As a bankruptcy lawyer, I work with families who are facing stressful situations related to debt. I can help you understand your rights if a creditor has obtained a judgment against you or if you are in danger of losing your property.

Bankruptcy cannot solve every financial problem. In particular, it cannot help you keep a house or a vehicle that you cannot afford. Talk to a bankruptcy attorney about your situation if you have questions.

Contact A Eugene And Albany Debt Relief Lawyer | Free Consultation

Contact me, Kim Covington, to schedule a free consultation with a Eugene emergency bankruptcy filings lawyer. I can answer your questions and explain the role timing plays in bankruptcy. I do not file "skeleton" bankruptcy petitions, abbreviated, last-minute Chapter 13 petitions that are sometimes used to stop foreclosure sales.

I offer payment plans and flexible evening and weekend hours, by appointment, in the Eugene, Oregon, area. I charge low flat rates, not hourly fees, for individual and small-business bankruptcy filings.