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Get Relief From Credit Cards, Medical Bills, Personal Loans And Other Problem Debt

Chapter 7 bankruptcy, sometimes referred to as liquidation, is the chapter of the federal Bankruptcy Code used most commonly by consumers who cannot afford to pay off all their debts. Filing under Chapter 7 will result in an order of discharge of many kinds of debt, especially unsecured debts like credit cards, medical bills and personal loans. This means that those debts are essentially done away with, and the filer gets a fresh financial start for the future.

As a bankruptcy attorney, I have helped many Oregon families get out of debt and stop the harassment of creditors. If bankruptcy is right for you and you qualify for Chapter 7, I can help you get relief. If Chapter 13 is more appropriate because of your income or your desire to keep a home or vehicle, I can advise you regarding that chapter.

What About Secured Debts?

You can choose to keep or surrender secured debts in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Secured debts include auto loans and home mortgages. When you keep a secured debt, you will keep the item you are purchasing, continue to make the monthly payments, and generally sign a reaffirmation agreement.

Every situation is different, and bankruptcy is not appropriate for everyone who is in debt. If you have questions about bankruptcy, I can help you understand whether it may be in your best interest.

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I understand the stresses and time constraints faced by many families and individuals. I offer flexible evening and weekend hours, by appointment, in the Eugene, Oregon, area. Contact me, Kim Covington, to schedule a free consultation with a Eugene Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer.

I charge flat rates, not hourly fees, for individual and small-business bankruptcy filings, and my rates are lower than those charged by many firms. Since it is important for you to understand what bankruptcy will cost you, I can clearly explain these rates during your initial consultation. To make things as easy as possible, payment plans are available.